#CrumbsInCapeTown / by Deen Schroeder

 "Think where man's glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends." - William Butler Yeats

What happens you get the chance to visit Cape Town with a few inspiring and talented individuals?  

Magic. That is the simplest answer that comes to mind. The opportunity to travel with the coolest, most inspirational, crazy, ridiculous group of people, was a real honour. It was further amplified by meeting up with like-minded and passionate friends and family in Cape Town.

We had a simple mission for this Easter weekend - meet, create, and share. 

The weekend started on Good Friday when we all met up at Lanseria International Airport, a very impressive name for a very small airport. We were all far too excited to be embarking on a weekend weekend adventure with good friends. After a cup of coffee on the airport we all made our way to what felt like our own chartered Mango flight. I say that it felt chartered because our little squad took up the entire front row of the plane. 

The flight felt extremely short and despite mild sleep deprivation, our excitement and anticipation for the weekend was far more powerful than an IV drip of concentrated Red Bull.

We landed in the mother city at about 8:30am and the weekend got into full swing immediately with an extended brunch at Bootleggers Coffee Company in the Cape Quarter. It was such a great opportunity for us to catch up with our Cape Town contemporaries, play around with camera gear and enjoy some delicious flap jacks.  

The afternoon was spent at the SunSquare Hotel in Gardens where we soaked up the sun at the pool, played around with a few creative shots and tried to learn how to fly a mini drone. I was exceptionally good at almost crash landing it into the pool. Just before sunset the beautiful Daisy May decided to join us on a sunset walk down the Pipe Trail which runs along the side of Table Mountain. Though I slipped off a boulder and gracefully landed on my butt whilst holding a reflector and giving passing dog the fright of its life... golden hour was spectacular. 

After a late night dinner mission to Baghdad, we called it a night and prepared for a sunrise Instameet in Town the next morning. 

We woke up an hour before sunrise to a very moody Cape Town, we tend to refer to bad weather as moody, because there is always an opportunity to get some great shots in the gloomiest weather. The #CrumbsInCapeTown Instameet was a success and about 30 people braved the early morning streets with us. It was awesome to meet up with some of the local Instagrammers and learn about the city through their eyes. 

Breakfast was held at Haas and we all spent time together chatting about Instagram, taking a few more photos and hanging out with old and new friends. Unfortunately, we couldn't spend too much time there because one our Cape Town friends planned a day trip to the Spice Route in Paarl.

The Spice Route is something truly special. We got to spend time with the Cape Brewery Company's Master Brewer, Wolgang Koedal, who showed us the complexities of the beer makings process. It was wonderfully insightful and enlightening to see how much of an art craft beer actually is.  We sat down for a sumptuous lunch at Barley & Biltong and ended the afternoon off with a brief trip to the Gin distillery.  It was a wonderful experience in one of the most picturesque part of the country.

After the long drive back to Cape Town with our tummies full of all the deliciousness from The Spice Route, we settled into our hotel - the SouthernSun Waterfront. Before long we decided to takeover Waldi's room - set up a mini studio, have a few drinks and order room service. One thing that I love about this group of people is there constant urge to create and even when we are exhausted we always find ways to create something, a reason to laugh or a philosophy to unpack. 

The evening snuck up on us an before we knew it the night had rolled in, but Cape Town didn't give us a chance to relax. Our new friend Daisy invited us over to her place for some drinks, chats, and photographs. This turned out to be a really fun evening of experimentation and intimate conversation. Despite the rain outside, we crafted some beautiful memories, captured a few stunning images and before long it was 1am and we needed to call it a night. 

Sunday morning was the only morning that we slept in, and by that I mean that we were all at breakfast at 8am. We all gathered around the breakfast table in the SouthernSun Waterfront and shared in some flapjacks, coffee and general banter. The rest of the day included a wonderful family braai at the Petersen's home in Fish Hoek. It was an honour and a pleasure to finally meet the parents of the stupidly talented Zeno and Dean. The warm environment, friendly faces, smiles and delicious food made me feel like I was at home... surrounded by family. 

After chowing down on some deliciousness we all hopped back into the cars to make the nearly 2 hour drive to a friend's Equestrian farm near Hermanus. Unfortunately we were a bit late and missed golden hour by a few minutes but there was no reason to be glum. We were at a stunningly beautiful farm with rolling pastures, beautiful race horses and of course the very best company.

The highlight of the weekend was undoubtedly the sunrise mission to the Atlantis Dunes on Monday morning. Waking up at 4am to get to the Atlantis Dunes by 6am was no small order. But it was worth sacrificing a few hours of sleep. It was a crazy ridiculous experience - dunes, drones, quad bikes, models, a ninja, great friends... Unbelievable. My words would never do it justice but when words fail, photos succeed in bringing to life the madness of that morning. Stunning portraits, incredible action shots, dramatic drone footage and sand in all the wrong places...

After a long lunch and a brief chill session at The Cullinan hotel, we packed up our gear and made our way back to the Cape Town International Airport. Who knew that 4 days in Cape Town could be filled with such adventure, so much laughter, boatloads of creativity and a mountain of inspiration. The weekend was a true celebration of what The Breadcrumbs Squad is all about - friendship, creativity, inspiration, exploration and of course sharing everything with those around us. 

I have been friends with the creative lunatics for only a few short months, but I can comfortably say that they are the very best people I know and I am eternally grateful for the inspiration they share with me on a daily basis. 

Time to start planning our next trip...

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