When Editorial meets Creativity / by Deen Schroeder

Photography is widely regarded as an art, within good reason, but there are so many aspiring photographers that want to do professional work and turn their passion into a career. This is a lot more challenging than a private university that offers a photography degree may lead you to believe.

Degrees and diplomas will teach you all the technical aspects of the craft, foster your creativity and motivate you to forge your own path in photography. The student is bombarded by the idealistic view that your creativity will land you the best jobs, and with disciplined, hard work you will be successful.

One thing that they do not prepare you for is the client.

Clients have a subjective view of your craft, one that may not be based on artistic insight or an understanding of creative vision. Clients use photographers as tools to convey their ideal view of the brand or product.

Social media has opened up an entirely new realm of possibility for a photographer to showcase their work and get discovered. Social media also provides instant gratification and the positive comments on Instagram can often over-inflate the egos of young creatives. 

If you want to be great the best thing you can do is to keep your ego in check. Clients are people too, and they appreciate humility and despise any delusions of grandeur.

The focus should not be on landing the next big gig but rather on how you aim to improve your own craft, your vision, and creative process. This set of images was taken on the set of a professional calendar shoot. A friend of mine invited me to come check it out and take a few shots. The opportunity to spend an afternoon at an airplane hangar with some really cool cars was a fun experience. I tried to create some Sin City inspired images.

When you spend time focusing on the craft, understanding what clients are looking for, finding the balance between creativity and editorial then you are on the right track. I hope that this makes sense and if you have any feedback please let me know.

Keep Shooting.